by Flávio Calazans

The portuguese language is the most hermetic and esoteric ocult code in the world; a barrier to all not-born in our blessed Lusophonic Egregore. Nobody knows how is the exact number of the Populations who are speaking our portuguese language in all the world now, in all five continents, in many, many places how: Portugal (Europe), Brazil and Miami (America), Macao island (China), Goa (India), Timor (Oceania), ''Ilha da Madeira'' (Atlantic Ocean), the harbor of Nagasaki (Japan), and also: Guiné, Cabo Verde, Moçambique, Angola, and other countries (in Africa), etc...a very, very big occult international community, a secret fraternity speaking a code of their own , with a literature, music, arts , architeture and technologies, a complete Lusophonic Culture.

We are walking among you, since ever, unnoticed, confounded with the spanish speakers people. All my art and scientific researches are made in this portuguese mind-reality-ciberespace-egregore, therefore, it's a forbiden lore to any other barbarian languages. Only a few little international pappers may be readen for non-lusophonic people, Subliminal Mediology, about subliminal high-tec know-how , and Comics-Comix about the history of brasilian cultural resistence to USA colonization-globalization. There are also some comics in spanish, french and even in english.

The Philosopher of New Technologies from Praga, Herr Professor Flusser, Vilém Flusser, the best seller in Easter Europe, explain his choise to write first in portuguese because portuguese Ontology think-and-experience verbal times how ''accident'', and german and english try to reduce verbal action to a mere static ''substance''; in portuguese we HAVE the times, and never the inverse of be prisioners of time-space alchemy, and in our speak and write portuguese there are a lot of elipses and entinematic gestaltic silogismes.

I use to say that we lusophones in Brazil live in a continuum time-space ''ing'' of Quantic Gerund , making our reality now and here ( the Permanent Present) ; and Flusser says that in the portuguese mind the active-human subject absorves the object , ontological reason why portuguese is a perfect language to think about Virtual Reality, Subliminal Signals and Technologies of Light, in my opinion.

The use of Tridimensional Think and Color Navigation in the Ciberespace of my internet site , Rainbow City , my classification in colors of my own Comix Art, Subliminal Colors and a lot of other telematic projetcs are pratical applications inspirated by my personal conversations with Flusser about subliminals and colors how communication code.

It's to much difficult to you understand ? Well, believe me, it's also very, very hard to me try to express this in all the limitations of english logic !... The writes of chinese Lao-Tsé, greek Heraclito, german Nietzsche and the pratics of Xamans, Sufis, Zen, Yogues and Alchemists could help you to fell this lore in all your body...or maybe if you drink our Inca's ''Wine of the Gods'' Ayhuasca for some years ...who knows..?!?

Therefore, now you may go and learn portuguese, and them you shall be welcome to my post-flusserian work and our blessed Quantic Gerund. ( In a near future, Brazil could be selling WATER to your dry and polluted country...researche about this...)

Axé !


Ilustração feita por Renê Dalton
Ilustração feita por Renê Dalton
Ilustração feita por Renê Dalton
Ilustração feita por Renê Dalton